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Massachusets v. Rollins, 2014 WL 5470477 (Mass.)) October 30, 2014

Facts: Appellant brought his computer in to a repair shop, where the technician observed more than 1200 images of apparent child pornography, saved them to a thumbdrive, and contacted police.   An officer arrived, confiscated the computer, and called appellant to … Continue reading

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Free Speech Coalition v. Holder, 2013 WL 3761077 (E.D.Pa.)) July 2013

The same plaintiffs who brought you Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition are yet again in court.  This time attempting to get 18 U.S.C. § 2257 and §2257A as well as their corresponding regulations (imposing recordkeeping, labeling, and inspection requirements) struck … Continue reading

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