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United States v. DiTomasso, 2014 WL 5462467 (S.D.N.Y.) October 28, 2014

*This is a District Court Judges’ opinion and has not yet withstood appellate scrutiny. Facts: Defendant is charged with production and transportation of child sexual abuse images. The evidence supporting some of the charges comes from NCMEC Cybertipline reports. Those … Continue reading

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Massachusets v. Rollins, 2014 WL 5470477 (Mass.)) October 30, 2014

Facts: Appellant brought his computer in to a repair shop, where the technician observed more than 1200 images of apparent child pornography, saved them to a thumbdrive, and contacted police.   An officer arrived, confiscated the computer, and called appellant to … Continue reading

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Missouri v. Marquis, 2014 WL 5462316 (Mo.App. W.D.)) October 28, 2014

Facts: The child sexual exploitation charges arise incidentally from a child abuse investigation. One day when L.M. (the daughter of Appellant) was caught playing with her father’s playstation, he hit her in the face with the playstation, spanked her, took … Continue reading

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United States v. Hite, 2014 WL 5343626 (C.A.D.C.)

Facts: Appellant, a resident of Virginia entered an online chat room and began conversation with an undercover police officer. The undercover’s persona was that he had access to a 12 year old girl and a 3 year old boy, and … Continue reading

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