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United States v. Drivdahl, 014 WL 896734 (D.Mont.), March 2014

 * Distinguishes United States v. Keith, 2013 WL 5918524 (D.Mass. Nov. 5, 2013) Facts: Defendant was charged with receipt and distribution of CP. The basis for these charges originated with a CyberTipline Report made to NCMEC in February 2013 via … Continue reading

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Arizona v. Bassett, 2014 WL 860802 (Ariz.App. Div. 1), March 2014

Appellant was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, luring a minor for sexual purposes, and aggravated luring for sexual exploitation purposes. Appellant raised multiple issues on appeal, but only one, in my opinion, warrants any discussion here.  Attack on … Continue reading

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United States v. Yard, 2014 WL 803892 (C.A.3 (Pa.)), March 2014

Facts: Undercover FBI Agent using a peer to peer file sharing program searched for available CP images. The Agent downloaded 31 images from the available 1,100 images Appellant had available for sharing. A search warrant was executed, and Appellant’s computer … Continue reading

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New v. Georgia, 2014 WL 1243843 (Ga.App.), March 2014

Facts: Appellant, a former police officer was living in an apartment attached to his mother’s house. One day, Appellant’s ex-wife and children came over to the grandmother’s house to visit with a sick pet. An argument ensued with Appellant and … Continue reading

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